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I had the good fortune of working on an iPhone/iPad app called Get THAT Mish! (aka Fishing for Mish). During that time, we promoted Mish through a little comic I drew called I MISH You

In Get THAT Mish!, players collected Mish with various lures like french fries, piñatas, and tombstones. Then they could care for their Mish in customizable aquariums. Joe Roe was the most common and basic Mish.

There were many, many different Mish to collect. The three artists I worked with created a large assortment of cute, personality-filled Mish. This made coming up with comic ideas a breeze.

This one was the most popular with Mish fans.

Here's the Korean version of that one. Get THAT Mish! was also localized for Korea.

Get THAT Mish! updated often. Map locations would appear allowing players to collect new Mish. This comic was used to pique interest in Oopa Roopa, a new Mish that could be found in the Mexico location.

Although Get THAT Mish! had many loyal players and fans, sadly, it eventually came to an end. I found this unfinished I MISH You comic in-progress which reminds me of that. Alas, Mish was a joy!

Mish belongs to DEVSISTERS. In exchange for having permission to share my work here, I'll point you to OvenBreak 2, DEVSISTERS' latest game.
February 28th, 2013



This became Brainbow Star. All these Mish were named by co-workers. Secret: Brainbow Star's design was based on a plastic surgery clinic logo.

An early version of Lord Prance Jr. Hey, he lost his bud!

Invisi-Joe was just an invisible Joe Roe. Too easy!

Stace & Binger are my favorite. Twin Power!

I'm pretty sure Teedle-Finn was influenced by Elektroplankton, a fun Nintendo DS game.

Octapoints (what a great name!) was a part of the Athletics Mish, which were used during the 2012 London Olympics. Of those, he was the only one that stayed pretty close to my original design. All the other Athletic Mish underwent many revisions.

For posterity, this is a collection of screenshots taken right before Get THAT Mish! was shut down. Here are the Mish (and one NPC) that I contributed to.
From top left:
Brainbow Star, Lord Prance Jr., Invisi-Joe, Stace & Binger, Teedle-Finn, Midori(NPC), Octapoints, Flamin' Joe, Pink Petite, Megaton, Speedy Spiky
March 7th, 2013